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Connected properties are dynamic by nature, and it's sometimes useful to have connected properties of type dynamic.

Named properties are always dynamic.

Implicit connectors have a "default TValue type" of dynamic, as demonstrated by this code:

internal struct DynamicPropertyTag {}

public static void Test(object obj)
  // Set the property to be an integer and overwrite it with a string.

  // Even more dynamic fun: set the property to be an ExpandoObject.
  obj.GetConnectedProperty<DynamicPropertyTag>().Set(new ExpandoObject());
  obj.GetConnectedProperty<DynamicPropertyTag>().Get().NewProperty = 13;
  obj.GetConnectedProperty<DynamicPropertyTag>().Get().Name = "Bob";

The code example above sets the value to an instance of ExpandoObject, which is commonly used with the dynamic type. However, note that thread safety of the value is your responsibility.

Reminder: The Connected Properties API (e.g., Get) is thread-safe, but the thread-safety of the values is your responsibility. In the example above, the ExpandoObject instance is not thread-safe.
Explicit connectors do not have a "default TValue type", but you may specify dynamic for TValue.

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