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Edge cases


Resurrection is a .NET technique for an object's finalizer to "resurrect" that object. The object - which has already been marked for garbage collection - is then "unmarked" and made alive again.

The object tracker monitors when an instance becomes garbage. If a target instance is resurrected after it becomes garbage, the object tracker will ignore its resurrection. It only "sees" the first transition from non-garbage to garbage.

AppDomain unloading

As soon as an AppDomain begins unloading, no further registered actions are invoked. For this reason, registered actions may not be used to "attach" a finalizer to a target.

The GC detection thread which executes the actions is aborted during AppDomain unloading, so an asynchronous ThreadAbortException will be raised in any actions that are executing when the AppDomain is unloaded.

All resources are properly cleaned up when unloading an AppDomain.

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