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Nito.ConnectedProperties provides an API for attaching properties to most objects at runtime.

A connectible property is a piece of data that may be connected to a carrier object at runtime. A connectible property is either connected or disconnected. Only properties that are connected have values.

Note: In the documentation and IntelliSense, the term connected property is often used as a synonym for connectible property. The term connected property does not imply that the connectible property is actually connected. If there is any possibility of confusion, the term connectible property is used instead of connected property.
A carrier object is any instance capable of having properties connected to it - specifically, a reference type that uses reference equality.

A connector manages the connections between connectible properties and carrier objects. There is a default connector that is sufficient for most people, but you can also create your own connector instance.

All accesses to connectible property values are thread-safe. However, the actual value of the connected property is only thread-safe if the connected property type is thread-safe (e.g., an immutable type).

Table of Contents

Connected Property Values

Carrier Objects

Property Connectors

Object Lifetimes


Extension Method Wrappers
Interfaces and Inheritance
Connected Methods
Notes on Naming
Library Compatibility
How It Works
Obsolete documentation
Named, Implicit, and Explicit Connectors
Visibility of Implicit Connectors
Dynamic Connected Properties

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